One of our missions is to stop start or spread of preventable diseases by providing preventative health and hygiene supplies and care. 


Our toothbrush and toothpaste project has been very successful in preventing cavities, gum bleeding and other oral infections. We distribute hygiene kits containing toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, nail clipper, soap and other hygiene products. This kit costs $15 each.

When it comes to health and hygiene, our main goal is prevention. While we're committed to the sick and suffering people, we focus on prevention care that reduces and eliminates germs, bacteria, and other preventive diseases. 

Whenever possible, we conduct basic health camps in remote areas where there is scarcity of medical facilities. We have a team for vision care, dental care and any other basic care. Lastly, we conduct education training for girls and women regarding safety, health, hygiene, nutrition and many more.